Fully Automatic Vegetable Flow Pack Machine BC-VFP100-Y

Vegetable Flow Pack Machine is designed for easy and efficient packaging of leafy vegetables. Full automatic with product & film’s inputting, wrapping, sealing, cutting and finished products outputting. Can also be connected with other packing line
-    Operates at a high speed, up to 50 packs per minute
-    Anti-cut function to prevent the vegetables from being accidentally cut when they are misplaced. 
-    With advanced German Packaging Technology to ensure reliable performance, making your packaging process smooth.

Product Specification: 
  • Machine equipped with independent motors.
  • Electronic speed variators in bands and sealers.
  • Touch screen that facilitates the state of the machine at all times.
  • Constant tension of film from the maximum diameter to the minimum of the reel.
  • Automatic waste film picker with easy access.
  • General switches with safety systems.
  • Safety switch for emergency stop.
  • PLC control, Touch screen operation that can adjust the machine parameter flexibly.
  • Frequency-convertor, control the speed easily
Machine Material              Stainless Steel 304 Grade
Products Size  L100-600,W80-240,H20-150 (mm)
Speed  50 packs/min (depends on the actual products)                                    
Machine Size  L5505 × W1385 × H1630 mm
Direction  From right to left


Fully Auto Vegetable Flow Pack Machine

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