Vertical Filling Machine For Sauce Packing - BC-380J

Vertical Filling Machine, specializing in sauce packaging. Can be customized based on your unique product specifications and requirements. 

Product Specification: 
  • The whole machine is composed of a programmable controller and a large display touch screen to form the drive control core, with excellent performance and simple operation.
  • The machine can be matched with the metering device to complete the whole packing process of metering, feeding, filling and bag making, date printing, and finished product transportation.
  • The perfect automatic alarm protection function can minimize the loss and helps to troubleshoot in time.
  • The intelligent thermostat is adopted to ensure the sealing is beautiful and smooth.
  • The machine can be made into three-side sealing bag type and back-sealing bag type according to customer needs.
  • High-precision paste pump metering, which can pack fluid and semi-fluid materials.
Bag Size  L50-280 x W30-180 mm
Measurement Range                     100-1500 g (replace the metering pump)                           
Machine Size  L900 x W900 x H2100 mm


Vertical Filling Machine For Sauce Packing

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