Fully Automatic Scissor L-Type Sealing Machine BC-LS250-Z

Basic use:
The sealing part device has anti-pressure induction system, light punching device, flexible adjustment and strong durability. Specially take the following industries: printing, food, daily necessities, pharmaceuticals.

Features :
  • A wide range of products can be packaged and widely used.
  • Affordable, the best choice for automatic sealing machine.
  • With safety protection and alarm devices.
  • The sealing and cutting system is smooth, the sealing action is smooth, and the sealing line is neat and nice.
  • Easy to operate and easy to repair.
  • Automatic feeding, the length can be detected by electric eye, automatic adjustment, easy to operate.
  • The punching device can be flexibly adjusted, and the needle brush can be used permanently.
Packing Size ( L x W x H ) L100 - 500 mm x W60 - 400 mm x H20 - 150 mm
Machine Size 1780mmL x 985mmW x 1550mmH

Can featuring an Extendable Kiss Belt Function for Small-Sized Products.

Fully Auto Sealing Machine (Scissor Type) & Heat Shrink Tunnel

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