Fully Automatic Vertical L-Type Sealing Machine BC-LS370-Z

The sealing stroke can be automatically adjusted according to the thickness of the product, which greatly improves the production efficiency, and can reach up to 40 packs / min. For products with higher packaging or better book, it can highlight the advantages and bring more satisfactory packaging effect to users.

Features Product Characteristics :
  • Vertical sealing design, stable sealing action, providing excellent stability and durability.
  • It can reduce the sealing line sealing condition, and the sealing and cutting effect is ideal.
  • Can be equipped with automatic feeding system.
  • The machine adopts two sets of electric eyes, horizontal and vertical, which can adapt to different thickness products.
  • It is easy to replace product specifications.
  • Different types of shrink film can be used.
  • It can be equipped with an adhesive device to package products with smaller specifications.
  • The vertical sealing machine has a major breakthrough compared with the traditional machine.
Packing Size ( L x W x H ) L100 - 850 mm x W80 - 650 mm x H2 - 300 mm
Machine Size L2650mm x W1680mm x H1315mm

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