High Speed Motion Edge Sealing Machine BC-HPFP240-Z

Fast packaging solutions, the highest packaging speed of up to 60 bags per minute. This machine can meet different product specifications and packaging modes, and the conversion process is quick and easy. Regardless of its flexibility or stability, the machine is particularly suitable for customers who frequently handle different types of products.

Basic use:
Specially pick the following industries: printing, ceramics, furniture, electrical appliances.

  • Packing speeds of up to 60 packs per minute.
  • Different feed systems can be selected on the front according to production needs.
  • Conveyor belts can be easily connected to existing production lines.
  • Push-on conveyor belts are mainly used for packaging printed products, and additional automatic paper feeders are available upon request.
  • Guide rail push belts are suitable for combination packaging and can be customized according to product size and shape for a wide range of applications.
  • Makes the operation easier with a user-friendly touch screen design.
  • Product setting parameters are easily read from the touch screen display memory.
Packing Size L100 - 300 x W40 - 100 x H20 - 100 mm
Machine Size L5020 x W1200 x H1600 mm

High Speed Motion Edge Sealing Machine

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