Fully Automatic High Speed Edge Sealing Machine

Basic use:
Specially for following industries: large-scale products such as photo frames, furniture, aluminium profiles, kitchen utensils, bottled drinks, flooring, engineering materials

Product Features:
  • There is no length limit for packaged products.
  • The sealing line can be adjusted in the middle of the product as needed to achieve the best sealing and cutting effect.
  • The sealing line is flat and different brands of shrink film can be used.
  • Up to 55 packs per minute per minute.
  • Conveyor speed can be adjusted according to different production needs.
  • The punching device can be adjusted flexibly and the needle brush is used permanently.
Packing Size                 L200 - α x W60 - 450 x H5 - 180 mm (Can be customized based on product's width)
Machine Size   L1630 x W1155 x H1590 mm

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